• Useful QI Wireless Charging FAQ
    img As a fashion work and life partner, one wireless charger is very popular with people now. However, there are still lots of people who don’t know qi wireless charging/wireless charger well, today, take qi wireless charging for example, we pick up some focus questions and give our tips and really hope they will help you.

    Q: Will Frequent Charging Shorten The Battery Life?

    A: Many researches shows that there is a slight impact on the cycle life of lithium battery under different charging condition in addition to overcharge and other errors of charging method. the full charging and deep charging are no good to the battery cycle life. That is to say, do not charge the device until the battery is exhausted, and take full advantage of the time to charge your devices.

    Q: Does Wireless Charging Will Affect Other Wireless Devices?

    A: No, because the range of qi wireless charging frequency is (110-205kHz) and the majority of wireless devices are not on this frequency. 


    Q:Is The Radiation Of Wireless Charging Harmful?

    A: The Qi wireless charging standard uses low frequency (110-205kHz)and is harmless to human body. The maximum Transmission 5 watts energy in the distance of a few millimeters make an insignificant impact on the surrounding, the wireless charging stops immediately once the phone is from the wireless charging mat/wireless charger more than 1 cm, only Qi standard equipment will be charged when it is on a wireless charging mat.

    Q: Will Wireless Charging Cause A Large Amount Of Heat?

    A: Generally, the temperature of a charging mad is lower than the one of body of people when it is working, occasionally the temperature is slightly higher than the body temperature.

    Q: How About The Wireless Charging Efficiency And Charging Time?

    A: Compare with cable charging, the efficiency of Qi standard wireless charging can reach up to 75-80%, and this means a wireless charging uses more 1/5 to 1/4 time than cable charging. However, in fact, people may love to charge their phone by a wireless charger time to time, so they will feel this charging saves their time.

    Q: Can People Use One Wireless Charging Mat Charge Multiple Qi Devices At The Same Time?

    A: The most modern wireless charging pad are design for a device only.

    Q:Is it A Big Consumption When One Wireless Charging in Standby Time??

    A:The wireless charger only consumes about 150 MW of electricity when it is free.

    Q:What Is The Significant Shortcoming Of QI Wireless Charging? ?

    A:Yes, the volume,because wireless charging calls for increasing the induction coil in the phone, so the phone has to sacrifice a certain thickness.

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