• The Advantages of Lithium-ion Polymer Battery
    img The difference between lithium polymer battery and lithium ion battery is electrolyte.The latest polymer electrolyte allows to simplify assembly, improve the mechanical strength of the battery, which is safe and a ultra slim size can be realized. But the limit of poor conductivity, the resistance is too high to provide high pulse current for a current communication equipment。

    lithium polymer batteryAdvantage: ultra-thin,the battery can be assembled into the credit card
    Flexible Shape: The li polymer battery don't follow the standard form,  and it be economically made of appropriate size for high capacity consumers.
    Light weight: The polymer electrolyte battery doesn't need a metal shell as protection packaging.
    Improved Security: overcharge is more stable to lithium polymer battery, less rate of electrolyte leakage.
    Limitation: Compared with lithium-ion battery both the energy density and cycle times are decreased.
    Cost: The cost of the material of lithium polymer battery is high.
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