• Mini 2200mAh Power Bank Is Launched At Srbattey.com Now

    ShiRui compact lipstick 2200mAh power bank built with high quality 18560 battery is design for most mobile devices. It will help you to charge your portable devices conveniently anywhere. This SR-BE22 mini power bank attributes its convenience and lightness to its compact body and it fits many mobile phones such as iPhone, iPod, Samsung digital cameras, game consoles, mp4/mp5 player and so on.


    High-tech Smart Technology 

    With built-in adaptive smart technology chips, this mini 2200mAh power bank can detect and charge your devices automatically with 1A current output.

    Safe & Easy to Use

    This 2200mah power bank uses bubble design and is made of plastic material that is stylish and comfortable to touch.

    Multiple Colors to Choose

    Choose from multiple colors to match you perfectly if the MOQ reaches up 1000 pieces.

    The Specifications

    Capacity: 2200 mAh with quality 18650 battery?
    Material: fashionable bubble design
    ?Input 5V/1A
    ?Output: 5V/1A
    Size: 2*26.5*95mm

    What Includes

    compact 2200 mAh mobile power bank?
    USB cable

    In addition, shirui is a professional power bank manufacturer and wholesaler for 23 years in China, and we devote to offering our customers with quality power banks at competitive prices. Welcome to wholesale power banks from us.


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